Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Gift :D

My hubby is my hero! He is probably the best husband and father I have ever met... and no I am not just saying that because he's sitting here watching me type this...He really is that amazing! :) So when I came across this Hero Supply Kit I knew it was just the right thing to make for my amazing yet incredibly hard to buy gifts for husband! :D

So here we go!
 This was super easy to do and really easy to customize! oh happy day has labels that you can print if you wish.. I liked the idea of making my own so I customize the wording slightly and play with the colors a little. I just used exel and inserted shapes and word art to my liking. I purchased printable sticker paper from the all mighty hobby lobby! (note to self: realize when you pick up the one package thats half the price... there are also half the amount of pages...good thing I had JUST enough to finish my project!) and then printed my labels out.

I chose to use things I know DH really likes and based my labels off of that. I picked up a package of clear treat bags (25 for $1.99 I believe) and used twisty ties to close them ( I figured they were a little more "manly" than ribbon) 

(this is a bottle of Jones cream soda with the label removed)

This box was purchased from hobby lobby for $1.29 if your like me and dont have the right size just laying around!(I wanted it to look like it was a real package that was mailed vs using a wooden box like the original) 

I had intended just to write on the box but it had 2 lovely very large recycling graphics on the top flaps...  

Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful daddies out there! <3


  1. What a wonderful idea and box full of treats! And your little boys are adorable!!

  2. This is such a FANTASTIC idea! You obviously have a great husband but he is so lucky to have such a thoughtful wife!!! Thank you also for the comment you left on BudgetBlonde --- I'm SURE when I have kids all the weight stuff will get a lot harder (at least that's what my mom tells me! Ha!) Do you have twitter? If not, you should so you can KIT with all your blog buddies!!! Now following you ;)

  3. Cute idea! Did he love it?

    By the design of your blog, I can tell why you voted for the damask rug! :)

  4. Thanks Ladies!
    Cat I will check out twitter soon!! I didnt think it was really for me.. but chatting with fellow bloggers is enticing! :D

    DH did love his Father's Day gifts!! He keeps teasing me that I cant see him because he just ate an "invisibility bite" when I ask him to do something ;) LOL