Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well hello there!

Whew... its has been a while! We had a busy little summer in the Frifeldt house! Let me show you what we've been up to!

These two stinkers are getting even more silly EVERYDAY! 

This little guy had a BLAST during his 3 weeks of summer school ( except for the whole pesky bus injury situation that we are still dealing with)

My wonderful amazing husband and I celebrated 4 beautiful years of being married on July 28th!

We havnt been on our date to celebrate yet.. because that turned out not to be a very good week around here... not only did Owen end up in urgent care for the first time with a super high fever but  we had to make the call to say goodbye to the most amazing little dust mop that ever lived :

I miss my sweet Fuji man very much! He's been my best friend since I was 9 years old and it was not easy to say goodbye! but he had the most amazing long life and I knew it was time. Fuji being the amazing dog he was didnt want my house and heart to be too sad for long though... he had his replacement all lined up and through fate Finley joined our family that very next week!

yuppers... if your keeping track I know have 6 boys under the age of 3 in this house.... your not wondering why I havnt been blogging much anymore are you? LOL 

This past weekend we had Owen's 3rd Birthday Party!! ( his b-day isnt until September 18th...but we wanted to have it a local park and figured having it earlier would help with the weather :) ) I'll bet you figure out the theme pretty quick because your smart like that ;) 

(first time using a sewing machine since senior year of highschool when I made a white iolet  lace potato sack of a 

table signs 

vat-o-vanilla buttercream anyone? 

blue star sugar cookies that I used as favors :) 

we had to do some re-thinking on the decor when we found out how windy it was at the park... hence my cool green paper lanterns and blue tissue puffs that are not pictured :( lol 

color burst cupcakes = SUPER COOL .... but also a TON of work when you try to make 60 of them! 

the only picture I actually got of the Birthday Boy ... on one of his brief hydration breaks... lol 

baby brother had a good time too...and is much easier to capture on film...for now... :) 

speaking of "baby" brother.... can you believe he's 9 months old?? because I cant! He's getting way too big WAY too fast!! 

So there are our summer highlights for you!! We are hoping to squeeze in a trip to the zoo this weekend and are preparing for Owen to start school again next week! 

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