Friday, July 15, 2011

what a week...what a week...

This was my son's first week of school... and boy oh boy has it been interesting! The second day of school my sweet precious child came home injured on the school bus. No on can/ will explain to me HOW this happened! It is presumed to have happened on the bus but not a single person can tell me how in the world my 2.5 year old child came home with a black eye and scratched up face! I am now on a mission to get security cameras installed in the buses that service my son's school! This a special needs school where almost none of the students would be able to vocalize what may happen to them! My son will no longer be riding on these buses but I feel a responsibility to help get ALL of these children protected! PLEASE PLEASE help me show the school and transportation department how important this issue is by signing this petition and passing it on to everyone you know! I will <3 you forever! :D Below is a link to follow (and thats a picture of my sweet angels face btw)

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