Wednesday, July 6, 2011

kids table makeover

I am feeling kind of old lately... which is just totally insane because I am only 23! I think it has something to do with my "baby" going off to school next week (insert sobbing and sniffling here) He's also turning 3 in 2 months!! and 2 months after that my other actual baby turns 1!! GASP!!! 3 and 1 ???? WHAT THE HEY??? Also contributing to this asinine theory is the fact that facebook shows me all these pictures of people I went to school with getting married like every other day these days! I <3 weddings! I mean like seriously, I have an entire folder of wedding ideas for someday one some lovely girl I know decides to let me plan her wedding! (my poor Son's future wives... ) But all these wedding pictures are reminding me that our 4 year anniversary is coming up at the end of the month! <3!! 

Does using all your inner strength to stop yourself from running outside in your pj's with no make up on to yell at the neighbors to turn down the music that is rattling in your house make you old?? Ok lets be truly honest here: The other day I honestly WOULD have gone outside with my screaming child on my hip (who the music had just woken up from a nap) had I been able to attain a shower previously in the day! Something about this situation just makes my blood boil and it also makes the cranky OLD  neighbor lady! 

Also in breaking news... The lovely friend of mine that cuts Owen and I's hair made an audible GASP while cutting my hair last week exclaiming that I have GRAY hair and telling me I should start thinking about highlight colors ...... 

You want to see another thing that makes me feel old? 

My grandparents recently gifted me this table and chairs set from my childhood! (I took this pic after I scrubbed the H-E-double-heck out of it and removed the edging on the table) I have so many memories of playing with the table as a little girl and now its was being passed on to my children! 

One problem : Its pretty hideous and even after all that scrubbing it still looked filthy! So I thought I would give it a little revamp! 

I took the legs off the table and hauled it all outside to spray paint it! (The top and two of the legs are chalk board spray paint and the chairs and other two legs are  krylon fusion's bright blue color - I cant remember the actual name atm.) 

Then I added some scrapbook paper with mod podge to accent it , and here is how it turned out!

of course he would choose to take his brother's chair to model for a picture ;P 

Much better dont ya think?? I have to say seeing it look so different makes me feel slightly less old! So mission accomplished for the day I suppose... I mean until the neighbors annoying "grown" son comes to visit this afternoon like clock work and leaves his base pumping and my house shaking while he's in the house for who knows how long "chillin", Or when Monday comes around again next week and I have to send my sweet baby boy off with his lunch box and back pack! 

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