Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Presents Reveled! (Mod Podge Flower Pots)

Hope all you momma's out there had the most lovely Mother's Day!!! My sweet boys gave me beautiful cards and a fancy professional cake decorating kit :D YUP, pretty stoked about that one! :D I am sure you'll be seeing it soon ;) Now that the they have all but one been handed out I can finally revel what I think may possibly be my favorite thing I have ever made... although it seems like I may have said this before... humm..

Materials Needed:
clay flower pots
acrylic paints
foam brushes
mod podge
indoor/ outdoor sealer

Use a foam brush and acrylic paints to paint the top of the flower pots (I painted  to just under the lip on the inside and outside) You'll need a couple coats to get good coverage.

Then I used my rotary cutter, self healing mat, and quilting ruler to cut my fabric. ( but you could do this with scissors and a ruler as well!) These pots were 12 in in diameter just under the lip so my fabric is slightly longer than that and wide enough to fold under the bottom side as well. It works best to angle the edges as I did here! Dont ask me why it matters ....but after quite some time and experimentation its what worked! lol  

Apply a layer of mod podge to the pot and line up one edge of the fabric along the top, wrapping it tightly at the very top only

now you want to cut some slits in the bottom edge to make it easier and neater looking when you fold it over the bottom of the pot

There will be several creases involved here..They dont bother me...I think they add character ;) and all the recipients agreed! although they bother my husband immensely lol! Let the pots dry for a few mins and then apply a good layer to the entire pot (or 2...especially if you let these cuties apply the first coat ;) ) 

Considering mod podge is water soluble... if your intending to use these for actual flowers or put them outside you'll want to use an indoor/ outdoor sealer on them (the inside and outside so you dont have moisture seeping through the inside of the pot ! )

We gave these to all the Grandma's for mother's day! I intended to plant flowers in them..but I just wasnt finding what I wanted! So instead I picked up some packets of seeds . I also got some blank large gift tags from the craft store and let my 2 year old color them and then wrote a little something on them. Then I used cute ribbon to tie the tag to seed packets and tucked them into the pots with some shredded color paper as filler!  They turned out super cute! and I cant wait to make some more of these for my own front porch! :D 

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Sumo Sweet Stuff



  1. This is an awesome idea! I'm going to start following you!
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  2. Thank you! I am following you as well now ;)

  3. Love this! I'll be featuring it on my blog on Saturday!

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  4. OMG! I've never been featured before *blushes* lol thank you!

  5. SO cute! Does the fabric hold up outside or when watered? I would seriously love this! Great job! The pots match your blog :)

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made FUn

  6. oh my word I never even noticed that! LOL!! DH says I am in a serious black and white! I havnt tested the waterproofing yet because I havnt made mine yet! but from what I have read online it should be fine if you seal it with a few coats of indoor outdoor sealer (and re seal them every year or so)

  7. New follower. I love these! I also love modge podge, we modge podged mason jar vases for Mother's Day. I can't wait to do this for myself!

  8. These turned out so cute! I love how they turned out! Cute blog:)

  9. For your wrap around template you actually need to cut out a truncated cone (I know, scary words, huh!?) But if I did it you can too. First I made the pattern on a piece of tissue wrapping paper here is the link where I got the formula
    You'll have to convert inches to mm, then back to inches. First fold material in half. Next I used a protractor and a ruler to mark my lines and angle. (Tip for saving material): I used an imaginary line for what I knew would be the top of my arc angle since i knew it would bee disposed of anyways. Then I just used a string and a thumbtack; cut the string to the proper length (Top of R1 to bottom of R2) and swing out while marking with pencil to make your angle. *This is where I StoP and now cut your curved line (yes I know it doesn't look right. Don't panic yet) fold from the edge of the curve you just cut diagonal to the top of the paper. N0W,for the moment of truth! Unfold your paper and wrap around your pot (I did this before I made the final cut just to make sure everything lined up) If it worked you should be able to cut at or close to the top of the R2 mark and you will have a near perfect wrap with no bunching or folds!!
    I hope you can follow this and hope it helps :0)