Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week :) Homemade Strawberry Jam!

This week is Teacher Appreciation week and Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day! So dont forget to show some love to the ones who teach our little ones so much!!
You may or may not know all the details on Owen's schooling but he goes to a class that evaluates for Autism and works on speech delays and sensory issues 2 times a week! He has one teacher, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and several assistants who are in and out some that work in his classroom ... in case your counting thats a least 5 teachers that he sees on a regular bases! Which can make gifts add up QUICK!!! lol I have been racking my brain like crazy to find something small but meaningful to show our appreciation for all the help they have given our little guy! and then one day I had one of these light bulb brilliant moments that I think only the scatter brained head of a mother can have... lol My husband was making his lunch one morning while I was feeding the baby and he said to me "I need more jelly"  and I said "THAT'S IT ... I am going to give them homemade jam with tags that say "Thank you berry much!" on them"!!! I know I know...sometimes my wit astounds me too...especially when I come up with such fantastical things at 6 am ;)  ... My mom bought me a bread maker for Christmas last year and it has a "jam" cycle on it that I have been dying to try out! So I set off on my first jam making adventure and I am not sure I'll ever go back to store bought jam again! LOL :D

I mean seriously... I tossed some sugar (ok... a LOT of sugar... but seriously I'd rather feed my family quite a lot of pure sugar than all the crap they put into commercial and a slightly mashed pint of strawberries into my bread maker pushed a few buttons and about an hour later I dumped the super hot jam into my huge glass pyrex measuring cup (its a 4 cupper  and I <3 it) to let it cool and stirred it every few mins until it was cool and set to the right consistency! Then poured it into these ADORABLE little glass canning jars and that was it folks!! It keeps in the fridge for about 2 weeks and in the freezer for several months! (no canning method required BTW!)

Most of this batch was meant for gifts for Owen's teachers... so I got a little crafty with them! They were supposed to be even more cute than are... but I got a little distracted with a kitchen re-organization project and I didnt make it to the store to get the super cute scrap book paper I was envisioning in my head but none the less... they turned out pretty cute! 

The tags I made with some purple pieces of card stock, a hole punch, some decorative edge scissors, a sharpie, and a glitter glue pen 

They were all so surprised to get them this morning... (they didnt even know it was teacher appreciation week... LOL) I wish I would have been thinking about it more because I should have brought them a loaf of bread with it since they were all talking about searching out a piece of bread to eat some on right then! lol This will definitely be added to my list of go to gifts and it is soooo yummy it will definitely be a regular thing around the Frifeldt house since we eat a TON of pb&j and toast with jam here! lol 

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