Friday, May 6, 2011

an Owen update

We met with Owen's teachers this morning to discuss his progress and what he's going to be doing next year (because the program he is in only goes until age 3 so they are working on transitioning him out) So I thought I would update everyone in place where I can explain in depth whats going on! Although Owen has made some huge progress this past year (going from using 1-3 words in sept when he turned 2 to using almost 30 words + signing some more now) He is still testing roughly a year behind in his language as well as some other areas of development ( some specific motor developments, play skills, ect) because of this Owen has been given "an educational diagnosis of a child who has autism" this is NOT the same thing as a medical diagnosis and does not mean he would receive a medical diagnosis. ( Although I will be asking his paediatrician to do the medical screening at his 3 year check up just so we have both sides assessed and documented  ) You can read here more about the specifics of and educational diagnosis! This means that Owen currently requires special education services to hopefully get him caught up in time for K! It has been decided that this fall (possibly this summer if they have room that early in the class) Owen will be attending a preschool class in the same building he attends class now 4 days a week from 8-3. He will be given many wonderful opportunities in this class!! The class size will be small (typically 7 kids) with 3 teachers who will work with him heavily on bringing out more speech and helping him display more of the skills he does at home as well ( since typically being in different settings distracts him to the point where he will not preform skills he is quite proficient with at home) He will also have access to a large sensory room ( which has swings, trampolines, and many other interactive activities) daily. He will also get to swim in the pool (located in the building) and go horse back riding (also located on site) once a week! They would prefer that he rides the bus to and from school because of the different experience it provides and to consistency in the routine...but I dont know if mommy is ready for her baby to get on a bus and go to school all day... so we'll see... lol because at this point in his life Owen is requiring special needs services we may also qualify for a government grant that would supply us with extra monthly income to purchase things for him that would further his achievements such as specific new toys, additional therapies, or programs ect ! So there you have it!! Now you know what we know! Feel free to let me know if you have questions! I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities!! We feel very blessed to be able to give our little guy all this extra help now when he is so young and hopefully see him succeed and achieve great things :D

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