Tuesday, April 12, 2011

21 day challenge - Day 1- The "junk" drawer

In my last post I told you I am doing this 21 one day challenge for getting my home more organized! I probably wont be doing this EVERY day for the next 21 days ...because something I need to start doing is investing in containers and such  for these types of projects! BUT we did a little "storage shopping" this weekend so I might be able to do a couple of them with what I got :D and now on to the junk drawer challenge from A bowl full of lemons  (please forgive the horrible pics... My husband someone needs to fix my camera screen that  his cat  the cat broke so I can actually see what I am doing.... someday...lol

 Before: and yes I know you cant see the whole drawer... but you get the idea of things I think....lol

All my junk on the table... lol

After: :) 

The biggest thing I did was sort though the papers that were shoved in there! I recycled a TON of expired coupons, Christmas cards, just random papers ect! lol but I am also in the beginning process of making a house hold binder like this one from IHeart Organizing!So I grabbed a folder to put all the coupons that are still good, a couple of take out menus, and the other random papers that I still need in until I get my binder set up! Here's to hoping my drawer stays looking like this ... and the things from my hubby's drawer the next drawer over dont end up migrating to my more spacious drawer! LOL 

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