Monday, April 25, 2011

My new best friends

What is it about toddlers and licking windows... especially freshly cleaned windows! I mean seriously I wish I knew what goes on their heads sometimes!! Is it like one of those "cool" things to do like sticking your tongue on a cold flag pole or peeing in the pool??? I suppose the same could be said for pets ...and I mean really are they THAT much different?? lol and to all you parents out there... dont act like your kid has never licked a window!!! We all know it happens! Even the sweetest most cutest kiddo in the world is a window licker!! Case in point...

meet my window licker!

I mean could he get any more cute? I think not! and yet one of his favorite past times seems to be licking my windows and drawing in the spit he leaves there! lol!!  (this also applies to my glass coffee table and end tables ) I am not fond of my child ingesting chemicals... and its been driving me crazy knowing the cleaners I am using around my house are not really good for us our our pets! So I have been trying some new more " natural" cleaners for a couple years now and I always seem to go back to the old toxic ones because the others dont preform well enough! behold ... my new best friends! 

I have been using both these cleaners daily for about 2 weeks now ... and I have to say I LOVE them! They have taken spots off my walls with a simple spray and wipe of a cloth that I have scrubbed countless times with every other cleanesr and a bunch of elbow grease with no success! and I love knowing they are much better for us than the stuff we've been using so I had to share them with you and all your window lickers! ;P 


  1. Thanks for the info, where do you get them?

  2. I should have put that in the post eh? lol I got them from Target :D Meijer dosnt seem to carry the method brand at all :( lol