Monday, April 18, 2011

21 day challenge - "Day 2 "- computer desk

This is day 2 of the 21 day challenge  from A bowl full of lemons! I dont have a computer desk since I just have my laptop and it generally lives on my kitchen island these days ( since I use it for cooking a ton) so I decided to tackle my craft desk ... which was a much needed project anyways! Its one of the spots in my house I am fighting with CONSTANTLY!! The desk happens to be in our bedrooms since it was the only place we could really restrict the kids from getting into my stuff ... lol  My biggest problem was I didnt really have "storage" for the awesome desk my hubby built me (per request after I saw it on Martha Stewart ;) lol ) and I have quite a bit of miscellaneous craft supplies since I could be a little ADD... like to dabble in several   So I cleaned out the closet under our stairs downstairs (forgot to take before and after pics...opps!! lol) and I brought up the thing of plastic drawers and I found some basket and bins that I re purposed as well....its MUCH BETTER now and unlike all the other hundreds of times I have "straightened" this area up, I feel much more confident that it wont end up going back to looking like an absolute wreck so easily!

please dont judge me for my before pic... I know its horrible and if you can believe it I actually just straightened it up about week ago.... LOL

and after :D I seriously cant wait to paint in here... that tan color is so Uninspiring ... lol not to mention its ALL over the house 

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