Friday, April 8, 2011

21 day Challenge!

I dont know about any of you... but am TOTALLY addicted to reading blogs! Crafting blogs, baking blogs, home making blogs... I have an entire book mark folder that I am quickly compiling a list of my faves in!! lol I dont know if its because its finally spring or if I am just finally adjusted to being a mom of 2 (with a MUCH happier baby these days thank the Lord!) and no longer feel like I am barely keeping my head above water with an infant screaming 24/7 ... LOL but I feel motivated! Motivated to lose weight, motivated to work out, motivated to figure out how to stay more organized!! I am tired of feeling like I am losing this battle with my house on a daily bases!! I feel like I fight ALL day in between diaper changes, feedings, pumpings, playtime, ect to get the house at least somewhat picked up only to find it looking like I never did anything ALL day by the time we go to bed at night! LOL Thus I am on a quest to improve this situation!! Today I found this lovely blog : A bowl full of lemons and she has a section called the 21 day challenge! She started this segment in January ... but I am taking up now anyways :) So stay tuned for some organization blog posts from me ;) and join me if you'd like!

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