Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ant Wars

Do you remember that adorable little window licker I was talking about yesterday? Well not only is he the cause of my ever spitty/smudged windows... he's also the cause of this war! I am in a full fledged war against ants in my house!!! Let me give you a recap:

 It all started one day when my sweet adorable 2 year old decided to very sneakily drop some dry cheerios behind the couch in the living room (I presume he was trying to feed them to a cat...but he's also prone to "hiding" things for fun... lol ) Now I vacuum my house at least once a week but I usually just swipe the wand around under the couch all willy nilly for a few times until I work up the motivation to actually move all the stuff and get behind there really well! lol So who really knows how long they'd been back there in the first place ...sigh... Being as its spring now I didnt really think much of the one or two ants I saw one day scurrying around on my floors. Then the next day I saw more and more and more!! UGH! So I started paying attention to them closely... and thats when I found the cheerios! I quickly cleaned them up and started firing with my arsenal of cinnamon and mint water anywhere I had seen them! after a few days there were no ants to be seen and I thought we were in clear! I thought i'd won the war and we could go back to living our ant free lives!! YAY!!!!  I defeated these ants with out one drop of chemicals!!! :D I was so proud!

and then.....
I began to see them in small numbers on the other side of the room IN MY KITCHEN!!!!!! AHHHH!!
and now my friends we are in a full out Ant war of the century!!! I have been keeping my house super clean! Washing out dishes right away.. keeping counters and floors clear of any crumbs I can find.... my husband now refers to me as the crumb natzi .... and our vacuum has lived in the kitchen for weeks to be used after every meal!
(the repercussions of starting an ant war...at least when you have a mean mommy that lets you help since its like your favorite thing to do "makes" you vacuum up your crumbs from lunch. )

I should have bought stock in cinnamon before this war started because now that the demand is up I apologize for the rise in rates!That cute little toddler is also quite annoyed that his  MEAN mommy wont let him eat those dry cheerios from the couch in the mornings as well..And yet those pesky little buggers are around more than ever! I am so completely tired of spending hours of my day watching and learning their ant like ways in hopes of out smarting them!! Tonight I broke down and I asked my hubby to spray some pesticide (the kind thats supposed to be safe around pets and kids after it dries) behind my stove since is where they seem to be coming from. I dont feel great about this choice, but after having nightmares of MASS ant invasions carrying of my children and feeling like I have ants crawling all over me with every twitch and tingle I feel, I felt it was best for my sanity to "bust out the big guns" ! I'll keep you updated on the results....I mean unless this whole thing turns out like that movie "The Ant Bully" and I end up being turned into an ant to learn some empathy towards the ant species and all that...

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